About us

For more than 8 years in DevOps, Kubernetes, and blockchain — our team has never stopped implementing creative approaches and inventing solutions our clients.
We know the pains you feel not from the literature, but from own experience:
we got extremal server conditions;
hacker’s attacks on infrastructure;
overwhelmed IFO events when the whole platform was going down.
In each of these situations, the hard work and innovative approach created a saving circle for us:
we picked up servers;
saved loss data;
restored blockchain nodes in the shortest possible time.
We widen the possibilities of our tools and typical procedures to minimize harm to the client’s infrastructure and maximize the efficiency of it.
That’s why our RPC Fast is a product of experience, not theory. We created environments for each blockchain that are easy to connect for developers and most reliable in the terms of functionality.
Our principles
Simplicity & Mindfulness
Reliability & Vitality
Creation & Development
Freedom & Responsibility
Care & Safety
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