Pricing is as easy as what SaaS does
A fixed price for maintenance is included
Scale to infinity while paying for cloud resources only
We know how to cut costs by an average of 40% and optimize the TCO
Test-drive all infrastructure solutions for free. For individuals and teams looking to explore the power of RPC Fast APIs.
Available apps:
Included CU:
Https & Websockets:
Dashboard & Statistics:
Archive data:
Possible throughput:
AI-based predictive autoscaling:
Dedicated Nodes
For middle-sized projects that demand dedicated resources for peak performance and scalability.
From $450/mo
*From $1500 for Solana
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Networks: any network
Guaranteed resources
High security
Constant availability
Fixed price for maintenance
Transaction simulation
High customization
Smart Caching
Auto-updated software
Node Cluster
For high volume operations with the lowest latency, customized, global self-hosted infrastructure
From $2000/mo + infra costs
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Networks: any network
Guaranteed minimal latency
Rapid RPC response time: less than 4 ms
Fully managed service with no vendor lock-in
Tailored customization based on project needs
Enhanced security features
Flexible infrastructure options: cloud or bare metal
Reliable support backed by SLA
Advanced MEV tools
Archive Data

Custom Solution Development

Leverage RPC Fast and Dysnix's 10+ years of expertise to build custom, secure and scalable applications for your needs
Roadmap and strategy
Custom blockchain architecture
Security-based infrastructure
Data pipelines development (Airflow DAGs)
UX/UI best practices
End-to-end Testing
Launch and post-launch support
Custom pricing
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Join 100+ industry leaders who trust Blockchain Solutions by Dysnix and RPC Fast

We’re trusted by

Case study
How we decreased the cost by 70% of blockchain infrastructure and made it faster and more stable

Does your team think a self-hosted blockchain infrastructure is complicated?

Since we have more than 8 years of DevOps for Blockchain experience, we are ready to create the self-hosted blockchain infrastructure in your private perimeter and maintain it with SLA
Together with d5, we participated in the development of solutions for the Google Cloud Platform that provide open access to blockchain data
Our team provides top-notch services to guarantee 99.9% uptime
We got used to supporting projects with a load of 1.5M+ requests per day

Problems and risks we help to avoid

Protection JSON RPC endpoint
Dependence on 3rd party providers
Global Load Balancer
The unpredictability of the future block
Protection JSON RPC endpoint
Unoptimized infrastructure costs
Automatic restart of unsynced nodes
Isolation of transactions
Auto-rotate nodes
High latency and low speed of operations
JsonRPC Caching Proxy
Poor quality of node infrastructure
Let’s speak as developers to developers on how you can create your own blockchain infrastructure and significantly reduce costs
Daniel Yavorovych
Co-Founder & CTO at RPC Fast
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